ask your friends for vote feature Archive

29 Oct 2015

Mystic vs Scientist in FarmVille Voting Feature

Ask your friends to help you find out if you are a FarmVille Mystic or Scientist personality! There will be 12 question to ask as your friends will decides which description fits your personality. Each questions will
8 Oct 2015

Sorcerer Vs Fairy 2015 in FarmVille Voting

Find out what your friends really think while constructing your FarmVille Sorcerer Fairy’s Abode! This is the newest version of the FarmVille Personality Voting feature where you will ask your friends 12 questions and pick an answer

18 Dec 2012

Holiday Party Style Feature 2012

Another round with new prizes and theme will coming soon in FarmVille ask your friends opinion on what they think about your Holiday Party Style. There will be twelve question to ask your friends and each friends
28 Nov 2012

Shopping Personality 2012 Feature

Ask you friends opinion about your shopping personality on this new FarmVille Shopping Personality feature. It’s time once again to ask your friends and this time it will be about shopping behavior. There will be a total
7 Nov 2012

Fall Fashion 2012 Feature

Another round of ask your friends for vote feature in FarmVille Fall Fashion 2012. Since fall season is just around the corner the theme will be about fall fashion and players will ask their friends on what
2 Nov 2012

Face Off Feature Game

Ask your friends for votes in this new soon to be release FarmVille Face Off feature. Players can win the item they want just by asking their friends to vote for that particular item. Keep piling on
16 Oct 2012

Perfect Costume Feature 2012

Ask your friends to vote on a question about yourself in this new FarmVille Perfect Costume feature. Collect enough votes to unlock one of two prize depending on how the voting went. FarmVille/Zynga will be releasing this