Avalon Kingdom Buildings Archive

5 Mar 2015

FarmVille Royal Granary – Avalon Kingdom

Avalon Kingdom will introduce a new building called the FarmVille Royal Granary. This unique building will house 30 treasures and it will be your tasks to unlock them. Each treasure will hold an item inside it and
3 Mar 2015

FarmVille House of Royals (Avalon Kingdom)

You might wonder what this building is all about once you visit the FARMVILLE AVALON KINGDOM farm but the HOUSE of ROYALS will be one of the major buildings in this new farm expansion. It is buildable

3 Mar 2015

FarmVille Royal Stable Guide and Tips

Find out the different recipes that you can make in your FarmVille ROYAL STABLE, a new building that are exclusive for AVALON KINGDOM farm. The Royal Stable will have 2 types of stations that will have different purpose. The first will be the
25 Feb 2015

FarmVille Avalon The Kingdom Animal Pen, Storage and Vehicles

A new farm extension for FarmVille AVALON farm, is about to be opened next. This is a new twist in expansion farm where instead of opening a new farm with a new theme, Zynga will just expanding