Beat Expansion Quests Archive

13 Jun 2018

FarmVille Aleksie’s Challenge (The Pavlozny Festival CH 3)

Our friend Misha is trying to learn a trick or two in FarmVille Aleksie’s Challenge, a Pavlozny Festival Chapter 3 Quests. Aleksi is showing Misha some magic tricks that he thinksĀ  Misha can learn easily. We will
5 Sep 2017

FarmVille Beat Samba in Rio Quests

FarmVille Beat Samba in Rio Quests is a special mission for players to get a chance to win a free Samba in Rio Shipping License by completing a set of tasks. Each task will require some determination

6 Mar 2017

FarmVille Beat Opals Kingdom Guide

Take the challenge to beat the FarmVille Opal’s Kingdom farm and win a free Opal’s Shipping License which you can use to transfer in and out of the Opal’s Kingdom farm. There will be 4 tasks to
21 Jan 2017

FarmVille Beat Groovy Hills Farm

Beat the FarmVille Groovy Hills farm and win awesome rewards including a rare Groovy Hills Shipping License which you can use to ship your Groovy Hills farm items to any farm you want. Plus you will also
16 Nov 2016

FarmVille Beat ONCE UPON A WINTER Farm

What to win a free shipping license? Here we will show you how win it by beating the ONCE UPON A WINTER FARM. There will be 4 tasks to complete where each one will test your patience
6 Oct 2015

FarmVille Beat Phantom Valley Quests

Complete these tasks in FarmVille Beat Phantom Valley for special rewards and a grand prize of and exclusive Phantom Valley Shipping License plus a Beat Phantom Valley Trophy! Plan ahead my seeing which crop to master first.
3 Aug 2015

FarmVille Beat Savannah Safari Farm

Find out what are the requirements for the FarmVille Beat Savannah Safari challenge. This is the part where you will have a chance to win a Savannah Safari free cross-world shipping license plus an awesome trophy. On