FarmVille Brendas Quests Archive

17 Nov 2014

FarmVille Thanksgiving I: Friendly Diner Quests

Spend a Thanksgiving with Agatha in FarmVille Thanksgiving I: Friendly Diner Quests. You might remember Agatha who is a resident of the Lighthouse Cove, and on this quest she is inviting us to spend Thanksgiving with her and her family.
24 Sep 2013

FarmVille Gossip Columnist Quests

Help Brenda who’s writing a new column in FarmVille Gossip Columnist Quests. Brenda whom you might remember as a resident of Lighthouse Cove farm has decided to write a new gossip column for the FarmVille Gazette and

9 Jul 2013

FarmVille Quests: Summer Reading

Spend a summer day with Brenda in FarmVille Summer Reading, a FarmVille Summer Books Quests for 2013. Lighthouse Cove resident Brenda will be making a visit in your farm for a relaxing day of book reading. On
4 Dec 2012

FarmVille Quests: Welcome Back to Lighthouse Cove

Do you miss Brenda? If does we will be with her again in FarmVille welcome back to Lighthouse Cove, a more likely be Chapter 11 of Lighthouse Cove Quests. This new FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Quests for 2012
20 Nov 2012

FarmVille Quests: Thanksgiving Dinner

Gobble gobble! Help Brenda prepare for the FarmVille Thanksgiving Dinner. It’s a new Thanksgiving 2012 Quests in FarmVille as Brenda need our help for preparing the festive dinner. We will assist her in gathering those ingredients and preparing
5 Apr 2012

FarmVille Quest: Help Brenda in Lighthouse Cove

Have you received lately a Lighthouse Cove quest saying that Brenda needs some help? It seems this is a semi FarmVille quest that most of the requirements are mastering some crops. This is more likely a two