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13 Oct 2014

FarmVille Daily Delights

A new feature will be coming our way in FarmVille as Barbra will be introducing the Daily Delights feature. The daily Delights will allow players to collect daily delights and exchange it for reward. Now each there
5 Mar 2013

Pot O’ Gold Countdown in FarmVille Feature

Coming Soon! The Pot O’ Gold Countdown feature in Farmville. Ask your friends and collect the daily items that will be needed to get the daily rewards. Each day will be different items and prizes. And in

26 Feb 2013

Wedding Planning Adventure Escapade in FarmVille 2013

Prepare for another new FarmVille Escapade feature as the Wedding Planning Adventure Escapade will be release this week. Players will only have to collect or ask friends for wedding invitations and other items in order to win
5 Feb 2013

Romeo and Juliet Balcony in FarmVille

Help build the Farmville Romeo and Juliet’s Balcony in this new feature escapade. This will feature one of the most loved love story and will give unique rewards that fits to the themes story. To win, players
26 Jan 2013

Valentine’s Day Personality 2013

A new personality feature is about to be release leading to Valentines Day in FarmVille Valentine’s Day Personality feature. Players will received a daily question to ask their friends with about on what they think the best
15 Jan 2013

Mountain Shores Cove Escapade Feature 2013

FarmVille is releasing this new escapade feature the Mountain Shores Cove. This feature once release will give players the opportunity to win cool prizes for their FarmVille farm. The mechanics of this new feature is everyday there’s
11 Dec 2012

FarmVille Winter Around the World Countdown Feature

A winter edition of FarmVille Around the World is coming our way soon. Winter Countdown feature where players ask and collect the item of the day to win the daily prize. Each day there will be different