Crafting Recipes Archive

22 Feb 2013

Bakery Recipe List in FarmVille

Here is an updated list of recipe (as of Feb 2013) for the FarmVille Bakery. As we know the Bakery is one of the early crafting building in FarmVille and it is one of the crafting building
1 Feb 2013

Dairy Crafting in Farmville Feature

Craft your way to save the town’s local dairy which was destroyed and they need your help to fulfill outstanding orders. The FarmVille Dairy Craft will be on a slow roll out so some players may not

5 Jan 2013

Fairy Kitchen Guide (FarmVille Enchanted Glen Craft Shop)

Upon the released of the new farm extension the FarmVille Enchanted Glen, it will have the new crafting building that will be called the Fairy Kitchen. In it, players can start to create and master new recipes.
1 Dec 2012

FarmVille Pizza Shop Guide

A new crafting building is set to be release. The FarmVille Pizza Shop will have the new pasta and pizza recipe’s and will have a new chain crafting system. It means that some of the recipe that
4 Nov 2012

Patisserie Recipe List (Mistletoe Lane Craft Shop)

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane’s craft shop will be called the Patisserie and it will have a total of 15 recipe for it’s initial debut. Just like with the previous and current other crafting building, players will start at
16 Sep 2012

FarmVille Potion Shop Guide

FarmVille Haunted Hollow will have the new crafting building called the FarmVille Potion Shop where we will be crafting and mastering new recipe’s. The same with the other crafting building from our other farm location it will
9 Jun 2012

Jade Falls Tea Garden Recipe Guide

Upon the release of FarmVille Jade Falls, it will also have a new crafting building called the Tea Garden. It will have a group of new crafting recipe to make and master. These new recipes will require