FairyTales Buildings Archive

28 Jul 2014

FarmVille Jack’s Mystree Nursery

When the FairyTale Fields farm opens today one of the questions players asked is “what is the building with the coming soon?”. Apparently it is a soon to be released FarmVille Jack’s Mystree Nursery. It will be
26 Jul 2014

FarmVille Boot House Full Rewards List (FairyTale Fields)

The FarmVille Boot House is the one of the major building in the FairyTale Fields farm. It will have 30 new presents ready to be given away and you will need to unlock it one of it

20 Jul 2014

FarmVille Magic Garden Recipe Lists

FairyTales Gardens is the new farm! and along with it is the new crating building called FarmVille Magic Garden. It will be the special crafting building where we will be making items in order to unlock new
20 Jul 2014

FarmVille Fairy Forum Recipe Lists

With the release of a new farm FairyTale Fields comes a new crafting building called FarmVille Fairy Forum. This will be it’s main crafting building where new set of recipes exclusive to the farm will be made.
16 Jul 2014

FarmVille FairyTale Fields Trees and Decorations

Next week (July 21, 2014), a new farm will be opened in FarmVille and it will be the FairyTale Fields. Players will have a chance to work on anew farm which is designed after a fairy tale
16 Jul 2014

FarmVille FairyTale Fields Buildings and Pens

It is now confirmed that we will be having a new farm and will open for early access next week. The farm theme this time is FairyTale. And with this in mind we will surely have a