FairyTales Fields Guide Archive

1 Oct 2014

FarmVille Jack’s Nightmare Quests (FairyTale Fields 10)

A new special challenge awaits us at the Story Book farm in FarmVille Jack’s Nightmare, a FairyTale Fields Chapter 10 Quests. This is one of those special 30 day quests where there is no “Ask your friend”
9 Sep 2014

FairyTale Fields Chapter 9: Fairytale Finale

Our journey in story book farm is coming to a close in FarmVille Fairytale Finale, a FairyTale Fields Chapter 9 Quests. Just when we thought that expansion farm will only have up to 8 chapters, the Fairytale

4 Sep 2014

FarmVille FairyTale Fields 8: Celebration Planning

Jack has just returned and he is excited to be back in FarmVille Celebration Planning, a FairyTale Fields Chapter 8 Quests. He is so excited that he is planning to hold a party in order to celebrate
29 Aug 2014

FarmVille FairyTale Fields 7: Magical Vibes

Bring back the magic and spruce up the farm in FarmVille Magical Vibes, a FairyTale Fields Chapter 7 Quests. Jack is away for a moment to pick up some magic berries and so Thumbelina has an idea
22 Aug 2014

FarmVille FairyTale Fields 6: The Thick of It

After an exciting week, Thumbelina still need our help in Farmville The Thick of It, a FarmVille FairyTale Fields Chapter 6. She is in the process of moving in and learn more things about the new place
14 Aug 2014

FarmVille FairyTale Fields 5: Under My Thumb

A new fairytale character will be joining us in FarmVille Under My Thumb, a FarmVille FairyTale Fields Chapter 5 Quests. Thumbelina will arrived in FairyTale Fields and she seems to be interested in staying. She wants us
9 Aug 2014

FarmVille Beat Fairytale Fields Quests

Complete all this challenge and win a FairyTale Fields Shipping License. This is the FarmVille Beat FairyTale Fields where you will need to complete all 4 tasks. Beside the shipping license you can also receive Unwithers and