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19 Dec 2013

FarmVille Fields of El Dorado Buildings Pens Vehicles

FarmVille is all setup in opening a new farm extension the Fields of El Dorado soon. As part of our preview coverage of this new farm extension we have now what could be the El Dorado’s farm
19 Dec 2013

FarmVille Fields of El Dorado’s Animals Decorations Buildings

Soon FarmVille will be opening another farm extension. The soon to be addition to the farms of FarmVille will be the Fields of El Dorado. Players will be traveling this time to a rain forest setting farm.

31 Oct 2013

FarmVille Holiday Lights Animals, Trees and Decos

Holiday Seasons theme farm will be the next farm extension and it will be called FarmVille Holiday Lights. After Winter Wonderland and Mistletoe Lane, this year we will be having the Holiday Lights Farm. We have here
24 Jul 2013

FarmVille Sweet Acres Farm First Look!

The next would be farm extension is finally revealed with the surfacing of early images of FarmVille Sweet Acres farm. No this is not a Candy Crush theme but a Candy farm theme. Players will be working