Farmville 30 Day Quests Archive

12 Jun 2020

FarmVille Cindy’s Gratitude Party (Bora Bora Isles CH 9)

The wedding went well and so our friend are very happy on a beautiful wedding ceremony in FarmVille Cindy’s Gratitude Party, a Bora Bora Isles chapter 9 Quests. This a special 30 day quests where we are
24 Apr 2020

FarmVille The Malagasy Apprenticeship (Madagascar Trails Final)

Now that we completed the test skill, our master has just accepted and will mentor us in FarmVille The Malagasy Apprenticeship, a Madagascar Trails Final Chapter Quests. We will complete 12 stage of challenge and we will

16 Oct 2019

FarmVille Healing Adventure (Highland Adventures CH 8)

Get ready to face another adventure in FarmVille Healing Adventure, a Highland Adventures Chapter 8 Quests. This will be a special 30 day quests on which will have 12 stage to complete. It will be all need
4 Sep 2019

FarmVille New Shop (Coco Wonderland CH 9)

We are going to spend our holiday with our friends Aunt Lili’s in FarmVille New Shop, a Coco Wonderland Chapter 9 Quests. This will be a 30 day quests where there’s  no ask  for friends part. Just
5 Jun 2019

FarmVille Good Deeds (Long Island Jamboree CH 9)

Help our friend build a dispensary in FarmVille Good Deeds, a Long Island Jamboree Chapter 9 Quests. This will be one of the special 30 day quests which will have a 12 stage part. What special about
19 Apr 2019

FarmVille The Rituals (An Ancient Saga CH 8)

Our friend need our help in this special FarmVille The Rituals, an Ancient Saga Chapter 8 Quests. This chapter will be a special 30 day quest and will have 12 stage to complete. This will be a
5 Mar 2019

FarmVille Good Deeds (Magic of Morocco CH 9)

Help our friends in a brand new special mission in FarmVille Good Deeds, a Magic of Morocco Chapter 9 Quests. This mission will be one of the 30 day quests where we will be planting, harvesting and crafting