farmville aimee quest Archive

17 Aug 2014

FarmVille La Tomatina Quests

Have fun with Aimee get ready for a festival celebration in FarmVille La Tomatina Quests. She has a lot of things lined up in order to join and celebrate the Tomatina festival and we will go along
29 Jul 2014

FarmVille A Friend in Need Quests

Aimee is here on a visit for the Friendship Day in FarmVille A Friend in Need Quests. She will asked us if we could help her as she is planning to reach out to more people. She

26 Jun 2013

FarmVille Summertime with Aimee Quests

Let’s go swimming in FarmVille Summertime with Aimee Quests. A brand new FarmVille quest for this week as Aimee will be visiting us once again for a summer fun of swimming. As you may recall Aimee is
20 Jun 2012

FarmVille Quest: Get Ready for the Pool Party

It’s a FarmVille Pool Party Quest in get ready for the pool party with Aimee’s help! It’s a nine part quests and with cool rewards and when we say cool it’s literally cool because most of the