FarmVille April 2015 Quests Archive

24 Apr 2015

Wild West Ranch 2: FarmVille Friend or Foe?

Help Betty gather some supplies in FarmVille Friend or Foe?, a Wild West Ranch Chapter 2 Quests that will start Monday for the general access opening stage of the new farm expansion. You will also meet Mr.
22 Apr 2015

FarmVille All About Penguins Quests

Come and join a festival for the penguins in the latest mission, FarmVille All About Penguins Quests. We are going to help Rispoli as we will go down south to meet these little cuties. He will also

19 Apr 2015

Wild West Ranch 1: FarmVille A Stranger Comes to Town

FarmVille will have new farm extension that will open up this Monday for early access and will be called the WILD WEST RANCH. It will start off with FarmVille A Stranger Comes to Town, a Wild West Ranch
15 Apr 2015

Avalon Kingdom 8: FarmVille A New Heir

Annabelle’s dream is within her reach in FarmVille A New Heir, an Avalon Kingdom Chapter 8 Quests. She is about to complete the tournament just as we expected. And just like what she promised, she will be
13 Apr 2015

FarmVille Celebrating Earth Day Quests

Help Zoologist David in an Earth Day mission in FarmVille Celebrating Earth Day Quests. He heard about us being helpful on making the planet a better place and he is inviting us to be part of this
7 Apr 2015

Avalon Kingdom Chapter 7: FarmVille The Final Task

Annabel is excited for the final test in FarmVille The Final Task, an Avalon Kingdom Chapter 7 Quests. She just found out that the last test will be a magic competition and she is excited that she can finally
5 Apr 2015

FarmVille Baisakhi Break Quests

Join the festivities and fun in the latest FarmVille Baisakhi Break Quests. We will be heading to the northern part of India to view some of the fabulous sceneries it has and join a colorful festivities. On