farmville atlantis guide Archive

28 Nov 2013

FarmVille Beat Atlantis Quests

Finally the much long awaited Beat Expansion farm quest will finally be released. We will have soon the FarmVille Beat Atlantis Quests. The quests that is considered to be a test if you have really mastered the
13 Oct 2013

FarmVille Banquet Fit for a Duke Quests

The Duke is back once again in a new FarmVille Banquet Fit for a Duke, a special FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 9 Quests. He is planning to throw a grand banquet to celebrate his next treasure hunting expedition

22 Apr 2013

FarmVille Atlantis 8: Add the Finishing Touches

It’s time to celebrate the restoration of AtlantisĀ in FarmVille add the finishing touches for restoring Atlantis with Gladys the mermaid, a FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 8 Quests. Glady’s the Mermaid will be joining us once again and we
29 Mar 2013

FarmVille Atlantis 5: Learn Mermaid Magic from Gladys

Gladys will be showing some mermaid secret in FarmVille Learn mermaid magic from Gladys the Mermaid, a FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 5 Quests. She will be telling us the the history of mermaid magic in Atlantis on this
16 Mar 2013

FarmVille Atlantis 3: Help the Duke Discover the Wonders

The Duke is out for a new adventure in FarmVille help the Duke discover the wonders of Atlantis, a FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 3 Quests. The Duke is tired of exploring the English Countryside so he’s taking a
10 Mar 2013

FarmVille Sunken Escapade in Atlantis Challenge

There’s a new challenge for players awaits when they finally arrived in FarmVille Atlantis Farm. The FarmVille Atlantis Challenge will be a 12 stage mission where players will need to perform task like asking friends for help
9 Mar 2013

FarmVille Atlantis 2: Help Gladys the Mermaid Part 2

It will finally open for FREE access, the Atlantis Farm! in FarmVille Help Gladys the mermaid rediscover the magic of Atlantis! It’s the second part of Gladys journey of coming back home in FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 2