farmville august 2012 quests Archive

31 Aug 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 14 Quests: Lantern Festival

The night will be lit up with lanterns of many colorsĀ in FarmVille Lantern Festival of Jade Fall Chapter 14 Quests. Kaiwen will be joining us on this chapter as she will show us how the festival is
28 Aug 2012

FarmVille Quest: Build a Weather Machine

Help professor McCloud in FarmVille build a weather machine in a nine part quest. This will be the next mission right after the Spring Fairy Quests. Yup, Professor McClouds weather machine as she claims will put us

25 Aug 2012

FarmVille Hawaii Chapter 10: More fun in Hawaii Quest

Ukelele Bill is back in another round of Hawaiian Paradise Quests in FarmVille More fun in Hawaii. This may be considered as the chapter 10 of Hawaii quest but this not your typical quest as this one
21 Aug 2012

FarmVille Quest: The Circus Train is Here!

Chooooo Chooo! Get ready for a fun filled missions cause the FarmVille the Circus Train is here! The carnival will arrived on our farm and we gonna watch awesome performances like the Unicycle Bear or the Tightrope
18 Aug 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 12 Quest: Create a Harmony Garden

Experience life’s pleasure by relaxing in the new FarmVille Create a Harmony Garden of Jade Falls Chapter 12 Quests. Kaiwen will be helping us in creating one as she will be the host in chapter 12 of
14 Aug 2012

FarmVille Quest: Kelly the Flower Fairy strikes again

A summer fairy is here again for a visit in FarmVille Kelly the Flower Fairy strikes again quest. She is back, Kelly the fairy flower from spring will be joining us on this 9 part FarmVille Fairy
11 Aug 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 11 Quest: Go Bug finding with Hiro

It’s Jade Falls Chapter 11 Quest in FarmVille Go bug finding with Hiro around Jade Falls and on this quest will be hunting some cool bugs and beautiful butterflies around the island. Hiro will be showing ways