Farmville Barbra Quest Archive

30 Oct 2016

FarmVille Say It With a Letter Quests

Help our friend Barbra compose a letter for her Granny in FarmVille Say It With a Letter Quests. Barbra believes this day is perfect in celebrating this event. She already planned a perfect vacation place that she
22 Sep 2014

FarmVille Mad Hatter Day Quests

Barbra will show us how to enjoy life with the simplest things in FarmVille Mad Hatter Day Quests. Our friend Barbra is back and she is planning to hold a tea party. She is inviting us if

12 Feb 2014

FarmVille The Sky Is Falling Quests

Join Barbra in FarmVille The Sky is Falling Quests, as she is quite alarmed that the sky is falling. She reached to a conclusion that the sky is falling when a piece of so called of it
9 Dec 2013

FarmVille Snowball Fight Quests

Barbra needs our help in FarmVille Snowball Fight Quests. She is looking to get back at Gino because last year she was derailed by Gino in snow ball fight. This year she has a plan on how
12 Nov 2013

FarmVille Farm Festivity Volunteer Quests

Help Barbra learn how to help farmers for the holidays in FarmVille Farm Festivity Volunteer Quests. You might recall Barbra from previous FarmVille Quests and this time she is interested in learning the ways on how to
6 Aug 2013

FarmVille Zoo Scavenger Hunt Quests

The kids are planning on a trip to the Zoo in FarmVille Zoo Scavenger Hunt Quests. FarmVille kids Barbra and her friend will be going to the Zoo to do some scavenger hunting and they are inviting
16 Jan 2013

FarmVille Quest: My Little Valentine

Let’s go down to the memory lane and relive the moments when we had our first crush in FarmVille My Little Valentine Quests. From what it appears, we gonna have an early Valentine story in FarmVille as