farmville celestial pastures building Archive

13 Jun 2013

A Look at FarmVille Celestial Pastures Buildings

If you didn’t avail the early access stage of FarmVille Celestial Pasture Farm, here are the buildings that you may expect to see once it open it’s door to FREE access. Among the major building are the
12 Jun 2013

Sunny Float Field in FarmVille Feature

A new feature has just been release with FarmVille Sunny Float Field. It is a Celestial Pastures building but it’s functions resembles that of the Tree of Love which was release last February. The idea is whenever

10 Jun 2013

FarmVille Crystal Cottage Recipe Guide

The FarmVille Crystal Cottage will be the crafting building of the new farm extension FarmVille Celestial Pastures. The Crystal Cottage will have an initial number of 20 recipe. Players will be having it an stage 1 and