Farmville Chef Roland Quests Archive

28 Sep 2015

FarmVille Bake a Cake Day Quest

Join Chef Roland in another exciting cook off challenge in FarmVille Bake a Cake Day Quest. And for this event, we will be baking cakes. Chef Roland got his hands full after the Cook Off Day so he
5 Sep 2015

FarmVille Cook Off Day Quests

Chef Roland will be joining us in FarmVille Cook Off Day Quests. You might remember him from the Lighthose Cove farm. He and his colleague is having this cook off challenge and he is wondering if we could

22 Nov 2014

FarmVille Platter Platter Quests

Know more about Chef Roland in this week FarmVille Platter Platter Quests. Learn more about the food he likes to prepare the most and and learn how to prepare it. He will also share more about him and why he
10 Mar 2014

FarmVille Lemon Everything Quests

Join Chef Roland as he will introduce new recipe in FarmVille Lemon Everything Quests. He has just collected some of the most amazing recipes that uses lemon as one of the ingredients. He will gonna show how
3 Sep 2013

FarmVille Quest: Prove to Roland You’re the Top Farmer Chef

Do you think you have what it takes? answer this challenge in FarmVille Prove to Roland why you’re the top Farmer Chef! a FarmVille The Next Iron Farmer Quests. Roland, a Lighthouse Cove Chef will be offering