Farmville December 2017 Quest Archive

27 Dec 2017

FarmVille A Great New Year Quests

Let’s help Elizabeth in setting up the best New Year party in FarmVille A Great New Year Quests. She has just drawn up a plan on how we are going to celebrate new year this year. We
21 Dec 2017

FarmVille Making Ends Meet (Winter Noel CH 4)

We are going  to help Otto in finding more parts in FarmVille Making Ends Meet, a Winter Noel Chapter 4 Quests. Our friend was so glad in learning that we are helping Otto. She’s been looking forward

17 Dec 2017

FarmVille That’s a Wrap Quests

We are visiting a gift factory in this weeks FarmVille That’s a Wrap Quests. we are going to take this rare opportunity to visit a toy gift factory and see first hand the process on how these
16 Dec 2017

FarmVille Fuzzy Picture (Winter Noel CH 3)

Our friend is having a some sort of dilemma in FarmVille Fuzzy Picture, a Winter Noel Chapter 3 Quests. He needs our advice regarding what to do and decide what’s best his family. He needs to make
14 Dec 2017

FarmVille Whirling Dervishes Festival Quests

We need to book our plane ticket early as we are going to FarmVille Whirling Dervishes Festival with our friend to celebrate the Whirling Dervishes Festival. He’s  planning this trip for quite sometime now. He already prepared
7 Dec 2017

FarmVille Family Welcome (Winter Noel CH 2)

We will join our new friend Otto as we shoe him around the town in FarmVille Family Welcome, a Winter Noel Chapter 2 Quests. He would like to stroll around the town to check out some sites.
5 Dec 2017

FarmVille Back from the Dead (Shadow Creek CH 9)

We will go on a tour with our friend Vinnie in FarmVille Back from the Dead, a special Shadow Creek Chapter 9 Quests. This will be one of the 30 day mission on which will have 12