farmville elizabeth quests Archive

22 May 2017

FarmVille Spanish Horse Fair Quests

We are going to celebrate the Feria del Caballo in FarmVille Spanish Horse Fair Quests. We will help our friend Elizabeth to prepare for the event. She has just planned several activities that she believes our neighbors
6 Feb 2017

FarmVille A Day for Love Quests

Celebrate Valentines with Elizabeth in FarmVille A Day for Love Quests. This is that time of the year when love is in the air. we are going to go shopping and look for the best gift to

17 Dec 2016

FarmVille New Years Party Quests

We are going to help our friend Elizabeth in organizing a party in FarmVille New Year’s Party Quests. She is planning this great party and she will need some extra hand in shopping for the food and
12 Aug 2016

FarmVille It’s Party Time Quests

Elizabeth is so excited with the upcoming event in FarmVille It’s Party Time Quests. She loves dancing and what better way to express it by dancing at a party. It is time to move as we will
1 Aug 2016

Farmville Friends Forever Quests

Elizabeth is planning to celebrate our 7th year of friendship in Farmville Friends Forever Quests. She have some exciting activities lined up for us to do something special together. We will also visit some memorable place to reminisce our
10 Jul 2016

FarmVille Picnic Day Quests

We are going out to have a picnic with our friend Elizabeth in FarmVille Picnic Day Quests. Every thing is all set and well planned as we go with a Elizabeth for a fun filled picnic day. She
11 Jun 2016

FarmVille Dairy Day Quests

Elizabeth is helping us  celebrate the FarmVille Dairy Day, this is a once in a year event where we cherish the dairy items. She has some plans and ideas on how to spend this event. We are