Farmville Expansion Farm Quest Archive

11 Dec 2018

Farmville The Confrontation (A Winter Fable CH 3)

We will going to help our friend in planning a meeting with his father in Farmville The Confrontation, A Winter Fable Chapter 3 Quests. He thinks that this is the best way possible in arranging a meeting with
9 Dec 2018

FarmVille The Stubborn King (A Winter Fable CH 2)

Are you up for a king test? we will face this question in FarmVille The Stubborn King, A Winter Fable Chapter 2 Quests. Our friend Eira who is the daughter of the king will assist us as we

2 Dec 2018

FarmVille Welcome to the Kingdome of Viken (A Winter Fable CH 1)

We will meet a new friend named Eira in FarmVille Welcome to the Kingdome of Viken, a Winter Fable Chapter 1 Quests. The Winter Fable is a new farm extension that will be opened. We will help our
28 Nov 2018

FarmVille Ride into the Sunset (Castle Kaputstone CH 7)

Join our friend as he prepare his journey to get back home in FarmVille Ride into the Sunset, a Castle Kaputstone Chapter 7 Quests. Dr.Kaputnik has tremendously help made his dreams come true. So let’s prepare for our trip.
21 Nov 2018

FarmVille A Balancing Act (Castle Kaputstone CH 6)

We will our friend in sharing his work to the world in FarmVille A Balancing Act, a Castle Kaputstone Chapter 6 Quests. He is excited with his new discovery that is why he wanted to reconnect with the
15 Nov 2018

FarmVille Who’s the Monster Now? (Castle Kaputstone CH 5)

Help our friends in meeting her dearly loved mutt in FarmVille Who’s the Monster Now?, a Castle Kaputstone Chapter 5 Quests. We will help her in taking her pets  and find more ways on how to take care of
8 Nov 2018

FarmVille Friend or Fiend? (Castle Kaputstone CH 4)

We are going to help our friend who has been running away for quite sometime now in FarmVille Friend or Fiend, a Castle Kaputstone Chapter 4 Quests. We are going to continue our journey this chapter as we further