Farmville Expansion Farm Quest Archive

9 Jun 2018

FarmVille Off To The Countryside (The Pavlozny Festival CH 2)

Our new friend is going to need our help in FarmVille Off To The Countryside, a Pavlozny Festival Chapter 2 Quests. He is upset with his father that he wants to leave to seek new challenge. We
6 Jun 2018

FarmVille Finding Your Sea Legs (Pelican Reef CH 8)

We are aspiring to be a captain in FarmVille Finding Your Sea Legs, a Pelican Reef Chapter 8 Quests. This will be one of the special 30 day quest that there will be no asking for friends

4 Jun 2018

FarmVille Salty Bandit’s Love Potion (Pelican Reef CH 7)

Our friend has some suggestion on how to solve Juan’s trouble in FarmVille Salty Bandit’s Love Potion, a Pelican Reef Chapter 7 Quests. There are several ways on how to solve Juan’s problem an we are gong
28 May 2018

FarmVille The Salty Bandit (Pelican Reef CH 6)

Let’s help our friend who is having trouble in impress Benita in FarmVille The Salty Bandit, a Pelican Reef Chapter 6 Quests. He needs our help in planning a way to impress her so that he can
19 May 2018

FarmVille Pelican Reef Party (Pelican Reef CH 5)

We will help in decorating Benita’s room in FarmVille Pelican Reef Party, a Pelican Reef Chapter 5 Quests. Our friend has some idea on how to decorate the room but needs some more help in accomplishing it.
9 May 2018

FarmVille Lovestruck (Pelican Reef CH 4)

Our friend is asking us to become his wingman in FarmVille Lovestruck, a Pelican Reef Chapter 4 Quests. He’s been trying to woo Benita but it seems his way doesn’t works. That is why he decided to
7 May 2018

FarmVille Sun and Sand (Pelican Reef CH 3)

Our friend will show usĀ  how to enjoy the tropical island vacation in FarmVille Sun and Sand, a Pelican Reef Chapter 3 Quests. We will be exploring more and see the most beautiful place to visit where