Farmville Expansion Farm Quest Archive

21 Apr 2019

FarmVille The Rich Man (Long Island Jamboree CH 2)

Help our friend talk to the owner of a big estate beach in FarmVille The Rich Man, a Long Island Jamboree Chapter 2 Quests. This quests will signal the official opening of the new farm Long Island
19 Apr 2019

FarmVille The Rituals (An Ancient Saga CH 8)

Our friend need our help in this special FarmVille The Rituals, an Ancient Saga Chapter 8 Quests. This chapter will be a special 30 day quest and will have 12 stage to complete. This will be a

13 Apr 2019

FarmVille The Burning Hat (An Ancient Saga CH 7)

Our friends has just found a way in locating where the jewel thief is hiding in the court of King Gaya in FarmVille The Burning Hat, An Ancient Saga Chapter 7 Quests. We will attend the meeting
7 Apr 2019

FarmVille Jewel Thief (An Ancient Saga CH 6)

Help our friend who is going to meet Meera and Arya in FarmVille Jewel Thief, an Ancient Saga Chapter 6 Quests. Our friend need to convince them to help our friend with their intellect. On this chapter
28 Mar 2019

FarmVille The Solution (An Ancient Saga CH 5)

Let us help our friend convince Sage Drona in FarmVille The Solution, An Ancient Saga Chapter 5 Quests. We need to convince her to allow Meera and Arya to with us because the kingdom needs their help.
19 Mar 2019

FarmVille The Calamity (An Ancient Saga CH 4)

We are finally meeting the King in FarmVille The Calamity, An Ancient Saga Chapter 4 Quests. We will take Meera with us so that he can also meet the King. Our friends are wondering what would the
17 Mar 2019

FarmVille All Hail the King (An Ancient Saga CH 3)

We gonna help our friend convince Sage Drona in this new FarmVille All Hail the King, An Ancient Saga Chapter 3 Quests. But first we need to convince him that we need to go to the city