Farmville Expansion Farm Quest Archive

24 May 2020

FarmVille Pre-Wedding Jitters (Bora Bora Isles CH 7)

Let’s go on a tour with our friend Michele in FarmVille Pre-Wedding Jitter, a Bora Bora Isles Chapter 7 Quests. The wedding is almost near but we have still time to explore more of the island. So
22 May 2020

FarmVille The Missing Wedding Ring (Bora Bora Isles CH 6)

Uh oh, we need to find the missing luggage in FarmVille The Missing Wedding Ring, a Bora Bora Isles Chapter 6 Quests. It was Michele who  relayed to us that the missing baggage contains the wedding rings

18 May 2020

FarmVille Michele’s Underwater Adventure (Bora Bora Isles CH 5)

The wedding of Cindy and Jack is fast approaching in FarmVille Michele’s Underwater Adventure, a Bora Bora Isles Chapter 5 Quests. Let’s help the future couple prepare for the wedding.  Let’s help them shop for the wedding
2 May 2020

FarmVille Of Makeup And Breakdowns (Bora Bora Isles CH 4)

The preparation for the upcoming wedding of our friend continues in FarmVille Of Makeup And Breakdowns, a Bora Bora Isles Chapter 4 Quests. This time the supposed to be makeup artist is missing and nowhere to be
1 May 2020

FarmVille The Wedding Invite Countdown (Bora Bora Isles CH 3)

Help our friend prepare for the wedding in FarmVille The Wedding Invite Countdown, a Bora Bora Isles Chapter 3 Quests. She need help in distributing and sending the wedding invites for the wedding. On this chapter of
26 Apr 2020

FarmVille The Wedding Cake (Bora Bora Isles CH 2)

Cindy and Jack has just welcomed us in FarmVille The Wedding Cake, a Bora Bora Isles Chapter 2 Quests. They want us to help them prepare for their upcoming wedding in this new farm  extension the Bora
24 Apr 2020

FarmVille The Malagasy Apprenticeship (Madagascar Trails Final)

Now that we completed the test skill, our master has just accepted and will mentor us in FarmVille The Malagasy Apprenticeship, a Madagascar Trails Final Chapter Quests. We will complete 12 stage of challenge and we will