farmville feature Archive

30 Aug 2014

FarmVille Fortune Cookie Countdown 2014

It’s time  again to ask one more time the question, “Can you find all the stamps for your Fortune Cookies in time?” This is the new FarmVille Countdown feature and it will feature the theme “Fortune Cookie“.
18 May 2014

Picnic Eats 2014 in FarmVille Farm Stand Feature

A new edition of FarmVille Farm Stand feature will be out next and it will feature the Picnic Eats 2014. This feature is where players will aim to become the FarmVille top seller. To become one players

16 May 2013

Coming Soon in FarmVille! Summer Pool House

We got hold of some of the early image of this unreleased feature. The FarmVille Summer Pool House looks like will be a deco building which is upgradable. Not only it can be upgraded to several stages but it
10 May 2013

FarmVille Yarn Barn Guide and Recipe List

A new feature has just recently release in FarmVille Yarn Barn and it will be similar to the previous release the Dairy Craft. Similar with the idea of crafting recipe’s. Players has to fulfill orders from random
7 May 2013

Mother’s Day Memorables 2013 in FarmVille Countdown

It looks like FarmVille is celebrating the upcoming Mother’s Day with this feature. The Mother’s Day Memorables will be the theme for the next FarmVille Countdown. Expect the prizes or rewards to have some relation to this
4 May 2013

Organic Fertilizer in FarmVille Feature

FarmVille Organic Fertilizer is coming it’s way to the market as FarmVille introduce this new item. This feature item looks promising on what it can do and it’s benefits to crops when used. It is said that
20 Apr 2013

Dream Unicorn in FarmVille Feature

FarmVille will soon be releasing the Dream Unicorn Feature. Players will raise and grow Dream Unicorns  by collecting (granting) wishes. Dream Unicorn is very similar from the previous release the Prized Pig where players need to feed