Farmville Guide Archive

12 Dec 2018

FarmVille Bucket List 2018 Quests

Our friend has just made her bucket list for 2019 and she wants us to check it out in FarmVille Bucket List 2018 Quests. Let’s see what are the exciting things she put on her list and see if
11 Dec 2018

FarmVille A Very Merry Christmas 2018 Quests

Celebrate this upcoming holiday seasons with Santa in FarmVille A Very Merry Christmas 2018 Quests. He has lined up some special events to celebrate this holiday season and we will help him prepare for it specially the gifts.

9 Dec 2018

FarmVille The Stubborn King (A Winter Fable CH 2)

Are you up for a king test? we will face this question in FarmVille The Stubborn King, A Winter Fable Chapter 2 Quests. Our friend Eira who is the daughter of the king will assist us as we
8 Dec 2018

FarmVille The New Invention (Castle Kaputstone CH 8)

Our friend need our help in creating a new invention in FarmVille The New Invention, a Castle Kaputstone Chapter 8 Quests. This will be one of the special 30 day quests where you will be planting, harvesting and crafting.
5 Dec 2018

FarmVille Snow Fight Quests

It’s that time of the year once again for the annual game that we play in FarmVille Snow Fight Quests. We will help our friend Sasha in organizing this event as we compete with other participants. Sasha is
2 Dec 2018

FarmVille Welcome to the Kingdome of Viken (A Winter Fable CH 1)

We will meet a new friend named Eira in FarmVille Welcome to the Kingdome of Viken, a Winter Fable Chapter 1 Quests. The Winter Fable is a new farm extension that will be opened. We will help our
28 Nov 2018

FarmVille Ride into the Sunset (Castle Kaputstone CH 7)

Join our friend as he prepare his journey to get back home in FarmVille Ride into the Sunset, a Castle Kaputstone Chapter 7 Quests. Dr.Kaputnik has tremendously help made his dreams come true. So let’s prepare for our trip.