farmville january 2014 quest Archive

29 Dec 2014

FarmVille New Year’s Resolution Quests

Happy 2015! We gonna greet this new year with Juicy Joe in FarmVille New Year’s Resolution Quests. He is back as he will tell us his plan for the incoming new year especially his resolutions. Among them
31 Jan 2014

FarmVille Sweet Acres 9: In the Garden Pulling Sweets

Travel back to Sweet Acres to face yet another challenge in FarmVille In the Garden Pulling Sweets, a FarmVille Sweet Acres Chapter 9 Quests. The Great Candy Maker is now retired and found a new hobby. He

28 Jan 2014

FarmVille Groundhog Day Quests

Juicy Joe is back as the town of Punxsutawney needs him in FarmVille Groundhog Day Quests. A new FarmVille Quests which features Juicy Joe our beloved Juice Guy. This time Juicy Joe will help the town of
21 Jan 2014

FarmVille The Seeds of Love Quests

Follow the tale of Sheriff Londa and gentle Mac in FarmVille The Seeds of Love Quests, a new FarmVille Quests that will have a Valentine twists in it. We will find out how this two will become love
13 Jan 2014

FarmVille Lunar New Year 2014 Quests

Sakura will be making a visit in FarmVille Lunar New Year Quests. As most players know who played Jade Falls farm quests, she is known to make the most spectacular fireworks in all FamVille. She can weave
7 Jan 2014

FarmVille Queen of the Bee Quests

Join the Annual Quilting Bee event in FarmVille Queen of the Bee Quests. Gilda and the FarmVille Quilters Club is delighted to have us and we will help them to win this year. On this FarmVille Quest,
2 Jan 2014

FarmVille Fields of El Dorado 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Come and join the Duke as he explore the Fields of El Dorado in FarmVille Welcome to the Jungle, a FarmVille Fields of El Dorado Chapter 1 Quests. The new farm will be opening for an exclusive