Farmville January 2018 Quests Archive

31 Jan 2018

FarmVille Stefano’s Dilemma (Alba Toscana CH 4)

Our friend will give us a tour in FarmVille Stefano’s Dilemma, an Alba Toscana Chapter 4 Quests. He will show us how to appreciate how true art is. We will stroll down some of the best streets
29 Jan 2018

FarmVille Mardi Gras Madness Quests

Our friends Paul and Linda is inviting us to tag along to visit this years FarmVille Mardi Gras Madness. We are going to need to prepare this trip s we need  to book early. Paul and Linda

24 Jan 2018

FarmVille Party Planning (Alba Toscana CH 3)

We will help our friend who is going to hold a fundraiser in FarmVille Party Planning, an Alba Toscana Chapter 3 Quests. He needs our help to plan for the fund raiser event. We will help him
24 Jan 2018

FarmVille Year of the Dog Quests

Our friend Master Liu is back in FarmVille Year of the Dog Quests. This time he’s inviting us to come along with him as we prepare for another festival to celebrate the Year of the Dog. We
21 Jan 2018

FarmVille Hey There My Friend (Alba Toscana CH 2)

Our friend needs a helping hand in FarmVille Hey There My Friend, an Alba Toscana Chapter 2 Quests. She needs some extra hand in preparing a soiree. We help in shopping for the part materials like food
18 Jan 2018

FarmVille Kansas Day Quests

Join our friend Johnny Hoedown in FarmVille Kansas Day Quests. He is very excited for the upcoming event and he is asking if we could help him to shop for the materials that he will need for
15 Jan 2018

FarmVille Bonjourno Amico (Alba Toscana CH 1)

Let’s meet a new friend Angela in FarmVille Bonjourno Amico, an Alba Toscana Chapter 1 Quests. The Alba Toscana is a new farm expansion for FarmVille. It will be available this January. The theme for the FarmVille