Farmville Juicy Joe Quest Archive

2 Apr 2017

FarmVille A Day for Health Quests

It’s our friend Juicy Joe who is coming this week for the FarmVille A Day for Health Quests. This is the time we celebrate World Health Day in FarmVille and Juicy Joe has some new ideas on
24 Jul 2016

Farmville Sports Day Quests

Our friend Juicy Joe need our help in Farmville Sports Day Quests. This event happens only once every year. Juicy Joe always find success on this sporting event that is why he is asking our help to help

9 Feb 2016

FarmVille Time To Get Dressed Quests

Our friend Juicy Joe is visiting us once again for an an exciting adventure in FarmVille Time To Get Dressed Quests. He is excitedly inviting us to come along for a new event. He’s been planning this for
14 Sep 2015

FarmVille Global Sports Meet Quests

The title of the greatest athlete is at stake in FarmVille Global Sports Meet Quests. Juicy Joe is all pumped up for the event which will bring sports enthusiasts all across the world to compete for the title of
14 Aug 2015

FarmVille Tomatoes Away! Quests

Juicy Joe is back for another adventure in FarmVille Tomatoes Away! Quests. This time, Juicy Joe is inviting us to come along with him for the Tomatina Festival. That’s right we will tag along Juicy Joe one more
29 Dec 2014

FarmVille New Year’s Resolution Quests

Happy 2015! We gonna greet this new year with Juicy Joe in FarmVille New Year’s Resolution Quests. He is back as he will tell us his plan for the incoming new year especially his resolutions. Among them
7 Jul 2014

FarmVille Juice it Up Quests

Hey farmers! our friend Juicy Joe is back once again in FarmVille Juice it Up Quests. He is here to bring us another of one his new rejuvenating juice and wants to share them with all the