farmville june 2014 quests Archive

28 Jun 2014

FarmVile Oasis Gardens 5: The Queen’s Quandary

After a long search we finally found Fatima in FarmVille The Queen’s Quandary, a FarmVille Oasis Gardens Chapter 5 Quests. Now that we’ve found Fatima, the Queen of Zezura we will need to talk to her and
24 Jun 2014

FarmVille The Fireworks Festival Quests

Sakura is back and with a big bang in FarmVille The Fireworks Festival Quests. You might remember her from the Jade Falls farm as the sorcerer who can weave magic. She will be weaving her magic again

20 Jun 2014

FarmVille Oasis Gardens 4: Stories in the Sand

The search for Fatima continues in FarmVille Stories in the Sand, a FarmVille Oasis Gardens Chapter 4 Quests. Finding Fatima seems to a tremendous tasks but it is the most important thing to do. We must find
16 Jun 2014

FarmVille 5th Birthday Party Quest

Timmy is preparing for the best party ever in FarmVille 5th Birthday Party Quests. It will be a part of a celebration which includes features that are related to anniversary of FarmVille. We will help Timmy in collecting
15 Jun 2014

FarmVille Treasures of the Valley Quests (Emerald Valley 9)

Travel back to Emerald Valley for a new quest awaits in FarmVille Treasures of the Valley, a FarmVille Emerald Valley Chapter 9 Quests. This will be a 30 day special quest where you will have 12 stage
13 Jun 2014

FarmVille Oasis Gardens 3: Boutique Biography

Our investigation of Zezura continues in FarmVille Boutique Biography, a FarmVille Oasis Gardens Chapter 3 Quests. We will meet Lana and she will tell us that she actually know us through Salazar. She will then tell that
9 Jun 2014

FarmVille Off to Vacation Quests

Help Ukelele Bill plan his trip in FarmVille Off to Vacation Quests. A new quest where Hawaiian Paradise’s Ukelele Bill will be making his appearance once again. This time he will be asking if we could help him