farmville march 2013 quest Archive

29 Mar 2013

FarmVille Atlantis 5: Learn Mermaid Magic from Gladys

Gladys will be showing some mermaid secret in FarmVille Learn mermaid magic from Gladys the Mermaid, a FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 5 Quests. She will be telling us the the history of mermaid magic in Atlantis on this
26 Mar 2013

FarmVille Quests: Preparing for Spring

Join Gilda in FarmVille Preparing for Spring, a FarmVille Quests that celebrates the coming of Spring. She will be needing our help to prepare and we will be starting by doing a general cleaning. Not only we’ll

25 Mar 2013

FarmVille Atlantis 4: Survey the sights of Atlantis

The Queen finally arrives in FarmVille Survey the sights of Atlantis with Queen Helena! a FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 4 Quests. Join her as we explore more and discover the secret of the Atlantis. She notice what you
24 Mar 2013

FarmVille Quests: Lio’s Horse Challenge

A new challenge awaits players in FarmVille Lio’s Horse Challenge Quests. Like the previous FarmVille Quests challenges (like the Trees Challenge and Sally’s Crop Challenge) this time players will tackle a different challenge and it will be
20 Mar 2013

FarmVille Quests: Help Hiro be a Hero

Hiro is taking a break from his training in FarmVille Help Hiro be a hero by aiding the Spring Rabbit. It will be the FarmVille Quests for this week as Hiro will be out for an adventure
16 Mar 2013

FarmVille Atlantis 3: Help the Duke Discover the Wonders

The Duke is out for a new adventure in FarmVille help the Duke discover the wonders of Atlantis, a FarmVille Atlantis Chapter 3 Quests. The Duke is tired of exploring the English Countryside so he’s taking a
15 Mar 2013

FarmVille Puzzle House Quest

A new side quest has just been released in FarmVille Quests. This time players will have to place the FarmVille Puzzle House. Upon placing the Puzzle House, click on it and you will see three mystery icon.