Farmville March 2019 Quests Archive

28 Mar 2019

FarmVille Wine Tasting Quests

Join our friend as she is inviting us to come along with her in FarmVille Wine Tasting Quests. She is exciting with the upcoming event that is why she wanted us to come along with her as
19 Mar 2019

FarmVille The Calamity (An Ancient Saga CH 4)

We are finally meeting the King in FarmVille The Calamity, An Ancient Saga Chapter 4 Quests. We will take Meera with us so that he can also meet the King. Our friends are wondering what would the

19 Mar 2019

FarmVille When In Rome Quests 2019

Help our friend learn more about Rome in this year FarmVille When In Rome Quests. He will be travelling to Rome this week and he would like us to help learn more about the city of Rome.
17 Mar 2019

FarmVille All Hail the King (An Ancient Saga CH 3)

We gonna help our friend convince Sage Drona in this new FarmVille All Hail the King, An Ancient Saga Chapter 3 Quests. But first we need to convince him that we need to go to the city
12 Mar 2019

FarmVille Poem for the Soul Quests

We are going to help our friend compose a poem in FarmVille Poem for the Soul Quests. She said that the Poem Day is coming this week that is why she is planing to join the event. She
11 Mar 2019

FarmVille The Guardian (An Ancient Saga CH 2)

We are going to meet a new friend Sage Drona in FarmVille The Guardian, an Ancient Saga Chapter 2 Quests. We need to ask her some information regarding the new farm. We are gong to investigate and explore
5 Mar 2019

FarmVille Good Deeds (Magic of Morocco CH 9)

Help our friends in a brand new special mission in FarmVille Good Deeds, a Magic of Morocco Chapter 9 Quests. This mission will be one of the 30 day quests where we will be planting, harvesting and crafting