farmville may 2014 quests Archive

27 May 2014

FarmVille Gilda’s Garden Quests

Help Gilda with her new hobby in FarmVille Gilda’s Garden Quests. Our favorite neighbor Gilda has a new hobby of making topiary. She will need our help for she has a lot that she’s afraid that she¬†
21 May 2014

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera 7: Visiting Pantheon Isle

We will going to visit the Pantheon Isle in FarmVille Visiting Pantheon Isle, a FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 7 Quests. We will travel with Phineas and Carmen and we will visit the restoration site at the Pantheon

19 May 2014

FarmVille Down Memory Lane Quests

The couple Paul and Linda is back in FarmVille Down Memory Lane Quests. They are planning to hold a photo exhibit and they are asking for our help in order to organize it. They just came back
16 May 2014

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera 6: Bella Notte

Look like we a new love team in FarmVille Bella Notte, a FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 6 Quests. Carmen captured the curiosity of Phineas as he was amazed how beautiful Carmen was in the dress that he
14 May 2014

FarmVille Florists and Farmers Quests

Help Maila as she is planning to start a new business in FarmVille Florists and Farmers Quests. Yes you might remember Maila from the Hawaiian Paradise farm. She is asking our help if we could guide her
11 May 2014

FarmVille Beat Mediterranean Riviera Quests

FarmVille Beat Mediterranean Riviera Quests has just started. As we can now start getting credit for the crops that we mastered and the animals that we made from the Azure Emporium. This is a more like a
9 May 2014

FarmVille Feeding the Famished Quests (El Dorado Chapter 9)

Travel back to the rain forest farm for another challenge in FarmVille Feeding the Famished, a special FarmVille Fields of El Dorado Chapter 9 Quests. The latest 30 day quests and this time it will be held