FarmVille May 2017 Quests Archive

30 May 2017

FarmVille Peace and Prosperity (Legend of Tengguan CH 7)

A penalty awaits Rutana because of the mischief that she has done in FarmVille Peace and Prosperity, a Legend of Tengguan Chapter 7 Quests. We are going to continue and complete the ritual in order to calm
29 May 2017

FarmVille Adventure Time (Isle of Dreams CH 1)

Explore a new farm expansion in FarmVille Adventure Time, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 1 Quests. Join our new friend Ubel as we explore a new farm and venture to a new adventure. This will be an

22 May 2017

FarmVille Spanish Horse Fair Quests

We are going to celebrate the Feria del Caballo in FarmVille Spanish Horse Fair Quests. We will help our friend Elizabeth to prepare for the event. She has just planned several activities that she believes our neighbors
20 May 2017

FarmVille Finding Cure (Legend of Tengguan CH 6)

We still needs to find the cure for Master Taeng’s madness in FarmVille Finding Cure, a Legend of Tengguan Chapter 6 Quests. Phayo and Rutana has just made a very good ritual but still it is not
17 May 2017

FarmVille Family Day Quests

Help our friend Sasha throw down a party in FarmVille Family Day Quests. She’s been planning for this event for quite sometime now and this week the party will finally happen. There are some things we need
14 May 2017

FarmVille Destiny Speaks Otherwise (Legend of Tengguan Ch 5)

Uh oh! We need to our friend find a cure FarmVille Destiny Speaks Otherwise, a Legend of Tengguan Chapter 5 Quests. We need to find it quick before it’s to late. We will search the deepest forest
7 May 2017

FarmVille Who Stole the Cookie Quests

We are going to investigate with our friend Barbra in FarmVille Who Stole the Cookie Quests. We will need to investigate in order to find out who is the culprit for the missing cookie. Let’s find out