Farmville Mission Archive

30 Jun 2020

FarmVille Bastille Day 2020 Quests

Help our friend in preparing for one of the marquee event in French Revolution in FarmVille Bastille Day 2020 Quests. Help him in preparing for this event where she plans to hold an event to celebrate this
12 Jun 2020

FarmVille Cindy’s Gratitude Party (Bora Bora Isles CH 9)

The wedding went well and so our friend are very happy on a beautiful wedding ceremony in FarmVille Cindy’s Gratitude Party, a Bora Bora Isles chapter 9 Quests. This a special 30 day quests where we are

11 Jun 2020

FarmVille Dairy Day 2020 Quests

Our friend is inviting us to come along  for another exciting festival in FarmVille Dairy Day 2020 Quests. Let’s help her prepare for the festival by helping her to shop for the necessary items that will be
21 May 2020

FarmVille Fire Festival! 2020 Quest

Our friend is excited with the upcoming FarmVille Fire Festival! 2020. She has been preparing for this event for quite sometime now. She needs our help in collecting the materials that she will need in celebrating the
18 May 2020

FarmVille Michele’s Underwater Adventure (Bora Bora Isles CH 5)

The wedding of Cindy and Jack is fast approaching in FarmVille Michele’s Underwater Adventure, a Bora Bora Isles Chapter 5 Quests. Let’s help the future couple prepare for the wedding.  Let’s help them shop for the wedding
14 May 2020

FarmVille Flag Day! 2020 Quests

Help our frien who is preparing for their schools FarmVille Flag Day celebration. She said that her school  is having this event where they can learn and understanding the significance of this great day. On this FarmVille
2 May 2020

FarmVille Endangered Species Day 2020 Quest

Our friend is excited to prepare for the FarmVille Endangered Species Day 2020. He has just designed exciting activities to celebrate this day but he still needs some help in gathering the materials for the event. Let’s