Farmville Mission Archive

8 Nov 2018

FarmVille Friend or Fiend? (Castle Kaputstone CH 4)

We are going to help our friend who has been running away for quite sometime now in FarmVille Friend or Fiend, a Castle Kaputstone Chapter 4 Quests. We are going to continue our journey this chapter as we further
7 Nov 2018

FarmVille Rock Da Party Quests

Our friend Rispoli is back and he is rockin’ in FarmVille Rock Da Party Quests. He is excited with the up coming dance party concert that is happening this week. He would like practice his cools steps with

5 Nov 2018

FarmVille Things in the Mist (Castle Kaputstone CH 3)

We have just found a clue on where is Ms Agatha’s whereabouts in FarmVille Things in the Mist, a Castle Kaputstone Chapter 3 Quests. Our friend has just discovered some foot prints that may lead us in
29 Oct 2018

FarmVille Movember Movement Quests

Our friend is having a dilemma on which style  of moustache to wear in FarmVille Movember Movement Quests. He decided that he wants a new  moustache look for this month of November. That is why he is
28 Oct 2018

FarmVille Noble Dues (Castle Kaputstone CH 2)

Uh oh, it looks like Agatha is still missing in FarmVille Noble Dues, a Castle Kaputstone Chapter 2 Quests. Lady Corsetta has just formed a search party to look her and we will help in shopping for
27 Oct 2018

FarmVille Last Minute Dinner (Old World Expedition CH 9)

Help our friend Jed prepare for his trip in FarmVille Last Minute Dinner, an Old World Expedition Chapter 9 Quests. This is a special 30 day Old World Expedition Quests where you will be doing only planting,
19 Oct 2018

FarmVille Let There Be Light Quests 2018

It’s that time of the year once again in FarmVille Let There Be Light Quests where we will brighten our lives with lamps and lights. Our friend will show us the way on how to celebrate this