Farmville Mission Archive

12 Jul 2018

FarmVille Magical Victory (The Pavlozny Festival CH 7)

Our friend is approaching her final act in FarmVille Magical Victory, The Pavlozny Festival Chapter 7 Quests. She’s been preparing and practicing for this moment. She is confident that she will ace this performance. Let’s help her
11 Jul 2018

FarmVille Gion Matsuri Quests

Help our friend Sasha in preparing for an event in FarmVille Gion Matsuri Quests. This once a year event will be happening this week and our friend Sasha has some cool plans in celebrating this event. But

9 Jul 2018

FarmVille Carnival Day (The Pavlozny Festival CH 6)

We are going to help our friend with his performance in FarmVille Carnival Day, The Pavlozny Festival Chapter 6 Quests. He is excited to tell us that he finally will get the chance to perform in Carnival
4 Jul 2018

FarmVille Canada Day 2018 Quests

Our friend if here once again  to visit us and celebrate the FarmVille Canada Day 2018! He’s been planning lots  of special activities for this years celebration. Among them are hockey matches, fun picnic and more. We
2 Jul 2018

FarmVille Preparing for the Carnival (The Pavlozny Festival CH 5)

Help our friend perform his magic tricks in FarmVille Preparing for the Carnival, a Pavlozny Festival Chapter 5 Quests. He is scheduled to  perform his  magic tricks in a program that the city has just organized. We
28 Jun 2018

FarmVille Happy Independence Day Quests

Join our friend in celebrating the FarmVille Happy Independence Day. He is planning a party to celebrate the Independence Day. He need our help in shopping for the groceries that we are  going to use for the
26 Jun 2018

FarmVille Magical Bonds (The Pavlozny Festival CH 4)

Our friend is glad that Aleksie finally accepted her as an apprentice in FarmVille Magical Bonds, The Pavlozny Festival Chapter 4 Quests. This may be a start of a new friendship. But there’s a lot more help