farmville new feature november 2013 Archive

25 Nov 2013

Ornament Tree (Deck the Farm Stand) in FarmVille Feature

Get ready once again to win 14 unique items and received fame in FarmVille Ornament Tree 2013 (Deck the Farm Stand). You may be already familiar with this feature because this is very similar from the previous
24 Nov 2013

Lights vs. Delights! in FarmVille Personality Voting

Ask your friends to help you discover your prefered holiday hideaway and win exciting rewards in FarmVille Lights vs. Delights Personality Voting feature. To win all players have to do is ask their friends to vote on

23 Nov 2013

Super Fertilizer! Coming Soon in FarmVille

Increase the yield of your farm in FarmVille soon! with FarmVille Super Fertilizer. This upgraded Fertilizer when applied to your crops will give you 2x Bushel, 2x XP plus 3x Mastery. When released there will be additional
20 Nov 2013

Winter Countdown 2013 in FarmVille Feature

Win some cool prizes in the soon to be released FarmVille Winter Countdown 2013 feature. Among the prize line up are items that are related to winter or holiday festivities. To win all players have to do
17 Nov 2013

Deluxe Ice Cream Parlor in FarmVille Feature

Build the FarmVille Deluxe Ice Cream Parlor with the help of your friends and harvest it for Sundae Cup seeds. This new building will feature an exclusive seed packet the Sundae Cup. The more upgrade the Deluxe
14 Nov 2013

Super Plots! Coming Soon in FarmVille

Super Plots are coming soon in FarmVille! Increase the number or seeds you can sow in a single plot with this new FarmVille feature. Super Plots will sort of increase the plot capacity of your farm because
11 Nov 2013

FarmVille Autumn Harvest Feature

FarmVille Autumn Harvest feature will be released soon. Players will have a chance to win some exclusive items just by collecting Harvest Baskets. The more Harvest Basket they collected the more rewards they can exchange. To collect