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21 Oct 2013

FarmVille Haunted Collection Countdown Feature 2013

Collect all of the haunted items in time and win fabulous rewards in FarmVille Haunted Collection Countdown 2013 feature. Ask your friends for help for 16 days to collect the necessary haunted items. Once you meet the
14 Oct 2013

Vampire or Werewolf? Personality Test in FarmVille Feature

Find out what your friends think best fits your personality while winning exclusive items in FarmVille Vampire or Werewolf? Personality Test 2013. Everyday there will be a new question to be asked and you will be asking

14 Oct 2013

Bride of Duckula Returns in FarmVille Escapade

FarmVille will be having a Halloween 2013 theme escapade featuringĀ Bride of Duckula Returns. The FarmVille Escapade is one of the many feature inĀ  game where it give a chance for players to win fantastic prizes. On this
1 Oct 2013

Duckula’s Dark Tower in FarmVille Feature

FarmVille will be releasing soon a new building called the Duckula’s Dark Tower. Players will be building the Duckula’s Dark Tower and once they did they can harvest it for Bat Berry Seeds! To build the the