Farmville New Feature Archive

18 Feb 2017

FarmVille Morph Machine

Craft and collect Solar Cell in FarmVille Morph Machine to unlock great rewards. Visit the Science Lab to check out your exclusive collection. Make Solar Cell using bushels that you can collect from harvesting the crops that
28 Oct 2015

Flower Shack in FarmVille Feature

Collect Nectars from friends in FarmVille The Flower Shack and exchange it for unique blossoms. You can also harvest specific flower to get nectar. Find out here what the flower will give you nectar plus the blossoms

11 Oct 2014

FarmVille Mad Scientist Lab Farm Stand

Coming up next in Farm Stand feature is the FarmVille Mad Scientist Lab. This new version of Farm Stand will let player have a chance to win exclusive animal lab or laboratory themed items. The mechanics will
25 Jun 2014

FarmVille Grooming Barn and Yearlings

Yearlings and Grooming will be arriving in FarmVille. We will groom colts and turn them into yearlings at the FarmVille Grooming Barn. This feature may remind you of the previous release the Prized Pigs or the Social
20 Jun 2014

Indoor vs Outdoor 2014 in FarmVille Personality

Ask your friends to find out what they really think while constructing your Charming Barn in FarmVille Indoor vs Outdoor Personality feature. There will be 12 question to be asked and 24 possible rewards. Depending on the
16 Jun 2014

Eagle Sam’s Treats in FarmVille Feature

FarmVille may have a new feature ready for release this July and it will be a 4th of July theme. It will be titled the FarmVille Eagle Sam’s Treat and it will bring lots of exclusive gifts
24 May 2014

Garden Cafe in FarmVille Seed’s Building

FarmVille has just released the latest addition of buildable building the produces seeds. The FarmVille Garden Cafe is the latest addition and once completed it will produce Espresso Cup Seeds which can be harvested daily. The more