farmville october quests 2014 Archive

25 Oct 2014

FarmVille Halloween Costume Party Quests

Time to prepare our crazy costumes in a new mission the FarmVille Halloween Costume Party Quests. Belinda Tiller will be joining us on this chapter. You might remember her for last years Haunted Hollow farm, this time she
22 Oct 2014

FarmVille Horseman’s Hollow 7: Stalemate

Katrina has just arrive in time to check her father and Ichabod if they’re both going along well in FarmVille Stalemate, a Horseman’s Hollow Chapter 7 Quests. From what it looks the two are getting along just

20 Oct 2014

FarmVille Day of the Dead Quests

Rose is organizing a party in FarmVille Day of the Dead Quests and she is wondering if we could help her in organizing it. We will help gather the materials and she’ll take care of the rest. It
16 Oct 2014

FarmVille Horseman’s Hollow 6: Breaching Boundaries

Celebrate the festival of Day of the Dead in FarmVille Breaching Boundaries, a Horseman’s Hollow Chapter 6 Quests. Ichabod has some event lined up for this festival and we are going to help him gather the materials
14 Oct 2014

FarmVille Halloween: Dusk of Appearance Quests

It’s time once again to scare and demand for sweets in FarmVille Halloweenn: Dusk of Appearance Quests. We will be joined by our beloved Professor once again to plan an event to commemorate this day. He is
10 Oct 2014

FarmVille Horseman’s Hollow 5: Hollow History

Finallly we are going to meet Baltus van Tassel in FarmVille Hollow History, a FarmVille Horseman’s Hollow Chapter 5 Quests. Baltus van Tussel is Katrina’s father, he will tell us more story about the history and learn more about
6 Oct 2014

FarmVille The Apprentice Quests

Meet a new character Billy Bonker, a chocolatier in FarmVille The Apprentice Quests. He has a great imagination and planning to bring something great into this world that hasn’t even imagined yet. Would you believe it? keep our