Farmville Rispolis Quest Archive

17 Nov 2017

FarmVille World Music Festival Quests

It’s our friend Rispoli visiting us in FarmVille World Music Festival Quests. He is inviting us to come along with him and attend the World Music Festival. He promises that this year’s edition will be more fun
29 Dec 2016

FarmVille Ready n Roll Quests

We are going to help Rispoli prepare for his concert in FarmVille Ready n Roll Quests. He’s a big star now and he is preparing for his very first major concert. We are going to help him

22 Apr 2015

FarmVille All About Penguins Quests

Come and join a festival for the penguins in the latest mission, FarmVille All About Penguins Quests. We are going to help Rispoli as we will go down south to meet these little cuties. He will also
10 Apr 2013

FarmVille Spring Break Quest

Rispoli is coming in FarmVille Spring Break Quests! He is up for some coolness once again in this brand new Rispoli quest in April. Rispoli is on a spring break and he is looking to take a
8 May 2012

FarmVille Quest: Help Rispoli Switch Gears for Sunshine

The “Dude” is back and you’ll help Rispoli switch gears for sunshine in the new FarmVille Quest Switch Gears for Summer which is coming this Thursday. Rispoli the Sunshine Boy who appears in last year Winter Quest