farmville september new feature Archive

25 Sep 2012

Perfect Job Feature Guide

It’s time again to ask our friends on what they think about us in FarmVille’s new My Perfect Job Feature. Here we will gonna ask our friends for 11 stages on what job they think that will
12 Sep 2012

Stamp Collection 12 Days of Prizes

FarmVille may soon be releasing this 12 days of prizes follow up with the Stamp Collection theme. Players may win an exotic animal collections plus there will also be a bonus prize once you complete the 12

12 Sep 2012

Gem Tower

Collect gems to unlock more prizes in the new FarmVille feature the Gem Tower. All we have to do is just collect gems by either asking friends or helping friends by clicking help feeds and save enough
4 Sep 2012

Constellation Theme Chained Mastery Feature

Recently FarmVille has just recently release these crops, animals and trees with constellations names. They are rare and exclusive and you can buy it from the Market for coins but the twist is it’s like a mastery
4 Sep 2012

Farm Hands Center and Arborist Center Feature

FarmVille is set to release this two new buildable resource buildings that upon completion we may harvest it for Arborist and Farmhand. This maybe a continuation of the series of buildings that produces farm aids items like