Farmville Thursday Quests Archive

13 Nov 2019

FarmVille Go to the Moon! 2019 Quests

Our friend has a great plan for this week in FarmVille Go to the Moon! 2019 Quests! Let’s help her in planning this event which will celebrate  for the special moment in time. We will help her
6 Nov 2019

FarmVille Giving Thanks 2019 Quests

Join our friends Sasha in celebrating the FarmVille Giving Thanks. In this years event, Sasha has just planned out the best party but she needs our help in order to pull  this one out. We will help

31 Oct 2019

FarmVille Thai Lantern Festival 2019 Quests

Join our friend Paul and Linda as we travel once again to celebrate the FarmVille Thai Lantern Festival 2019. We will be joining them on this trip which they been planning  for some time now. Let’s go
24 Oct 2019

FarmVille Gothic Festival! Quests

Let’s celebrate Halloween with our friend Hilda in FarmVille Gothic Festival! Quests. She is inviting us to  come  along to an event that are full of fun. We will need to cress  up our best costume for
16 Oct 2019

FarmVille Lights of Diwali! 2019 Quests

Our friend is excited for the upcoming FarmVille Lights of Diwali! 2019 and we will help him prepare for the event. He’s planning for this event for  quite  some time  now and he is asking us if 
8 Oct 2019

FarmVille International Tiger Day 2019 Quests

Jon our friend  in celebrating the FarmVille International Tiger Day 2019. He is preparing for this event for a long time now and he is excited. He ask us if we could help him prepare for the
24 Sep 2019

FarmVille Jamballah! 2019 Quests

Join our friend as she prepares for the FarmVille Jamballah! 2019. She has been preparing for the festival since last year. There’s plenty of planned event that she would like to do during this festivities. We will