Farmville Vote and Win Archive

30 Mar 2017

Achievers vs Free Spirits in FarmVille Voting Feature

Achievers vs Free Spirits is the newest theme for the FarmVille Personality Voting feature. Win cool rewards that were inspired by this theme. To win, you’ll ask your friends a questions and they will pick between the
22 Jul 2016

Police Vs Firefighter in FarmVille Voting Feature

FarmVilleĀ Police Vs Firefighter is the latest theme for the FarmVille Voting Feature that will be released on August. You will asking your friends a series questions and will pick the best possible answer that fits your personality.

29 Oct 2015

Mystic vs Scientist in FarmVille Voting Feature

Ask your friends to help you find out if you are a FarmVille Mystic or Scientist personality! There will be 12 question to ask as your friends will decides which description fits your personality. Each questions will
8 Oct 2015

Sorcerer Vs Fairy 2015 in FarmVille Voting

Find out what your friends really think while constructing your FarmVille Sorcerer Fairy’s Abode! This is the newest version of the FarmVille Personality Voting feature where you will ask your friends 12 questions and pick an answer
12 May 2014

Tea Time 2014 in FarmVille Personality Feature

A new FarmVille Personality feature is about to be released this May and it features the Tea Time 2014. It will have a new set of questions and rewards. For this edition players will ask their friends
17 Apr 2014

Domestic vs Wild Animals in FarmVille Personality

FarmVille will have a new version of Personality Feature which will be the Domestic Vs Wild Animals. It will asked 12 question and we will be asking our friends to vote on which answer best fits our
8 Mar 2014

St. Patty’s Style Classic vs. Modern in FarmVille Pesonality

FarmVille St. Patty’s Style Classic vs. Modern will be the next Personality Voting Feature and it will give a new set of St Patty theme items. The items will be given as a reward once you completed