Fields of El Dorado Building Archive

6 Jan 2014

Fountain of Youth in FarmVille Fields of El Dorado

The Fields of El Dorado’s Fountain of Youth is a building designed to transform the items that are given as reward for finishing a stage of the Hidden Palace into it’s other appearance. Yes it will be
4 Jan 2014

Hidden Palace of FarmVille Fields of El Dorado

Hidden Palace will be one of the main building in FarmVille new farm Fields of El Dorado. It will have multiple stage for players to upgrade. Each successful stage upgrade will give an exclusive reward. Upgrade will

1 Jan 2014

FarmVille Jungle Hideaway Recipe List and Guide

FarmVille Jungle Hideaway of the new farm Fields of El Dorado will one of the crafting building where players will craft materials and ingredients to fulfill orders in order to unlock new animals. This will be similar
30 Dec 2013

Fields of El Dorado’s Legendary Bird Roost Preview

As soon as the FarmVille Fields of El Dorado farm opens on January 6, 2014 among the building that we will be having is the Legendary Bird Roost. It is like a Bird Sanctuary where we will