Harvest for Seeds Building Archive

15 Oct 2013

Animal Spa in FarmVille Feature Buildings

Harvest some Spa Daisy Seed Packages in FarmVille new feature building the Animal Spa. Players will be building the new the Animal Spa with parts from your friends. After completing in it can be upgraded to several stages
5 Jul 2013

Star Search Observatory in FarmVille Feature

FarmVille will be releasing a new building that will produce Meteorite seeds. The new building the Star Search Observatory will have the feature of producing Meteorite seeds on which players can harvest it. The building will have

20 Mar 2013

Gifting Tree in FarmVile Feature

Ask friends for parts and build the Gifting Tree in FarmVille. The new FarmVille is a new buildable decoration where you can upgrade it up to several stages. It can also be harvested daily for Mystery Sapling
6 Mar 2013

Sunrise Forest in FarmVille Feature

Build the new Sunrise Forest in FarmVille! Ask the help of your friends for parts or you can also get parts by clicking feeds or helping friends. And when the Sunrise Forest is complete players can now