hawaii paradise quest Archive

18 Jan 2013

FarmVille Quest: Fun New Hawaiian Paradise Stuff

Aloha again! as Ukelele Bill will greet us again in FarmVille Fun New Hawaiian Paradise Stuff Quest. Yup, this is indeed a new Hawaiian Paradise quest this January 2013 and it will have a 12 part instead
15 Jan 2013

FarmVille Beat Hawaii Quests

Finally it was released, now players will have a chance to grab hold of a Hawaiian Paradise Shipping License for FREE! in FarmVille Beat Hawaii Quest Challenge. Complete the following tasks to received one of the most

25 Aug 2012

FarmVille Hawaii Chapter 10: More fun in Hawaii Quest

Ukelele Bill is back in another round of Hawaiian Paradise Quests in FarmVille More fun in Hawaii. This may be considered as the chapter 10 of Hawaii quest but this not your typical quest as this one
3 Jun 2012

FarmVille Quest: Discover a Sunken Shipwreck

Aloha Hawaii! Players may take the FarmVille Discover a Sunken Shipwreck Quests as the last mission for Hawaiian Paradise. The FarmVille Hawaii Chapter 9 Quest maybe the last chapter and it will have six missions and will
26 May 2012

FarmVille Quest: Find Lio’s Horse

You may find this Hawaii Paradise Quest in FarmVille short for it will have only 6 tasks. We will find Lio’s horse in Chapter 8 and it will be different from the previous chapter because it will
12 May 2012

FarmVille Quest: Harvest Time on the Plantation

Troy and Maila’s wedding is up on the Hawaii Paradise Quest Chapter 7.  Get ready for the harvest time on the plantation and help troy prepare for the Hawaiian wedding by accomplishing 12 tasks and avoid the
5 Mar 2012

Welcome to Hawaii Quest Chapter 2

Welcome to Hawaii as FarmVille farmers will now travel to the new farm extension Hawaii Paradise as it officially opens to the public. FarmVille Welcome to Hawaii Quest 2 will be the initial quest and it will