Highland Adventures Quests Archive

16 Oct 2019

FarmVille Healing Adventure (Highland Adventures CH 8)

Get ready to face another adventure in FarmVille Healing Adventure, a Highland Adventures Chapter 8 Quests. This will be a special 30 day quests on which will have 12 stage to complete. It will be all need
24 Sep 2019

FarmVille Save the Queen! (Highland Adventures CH 5)

Help our friend convince the king to let us stay in the kingdom in FarmVille Save the Queen, a Highland Adventures Chapter 5 Quests. We have many more planed adventures but it sadly will not push through

12 Sep 2019

FarmVille King’s Adviser (Highland Adventures CH 3)

Help our friend in this new and exciting adventure in FarmVille King’s Adviser, a Highland Adventures Chapter 3 Quests. Get ready to face new challenges as we encounter more of them in this chapter. On this chapter
9 Sep 2019

FarmVille Highland Trip! (Highland Adventures CH 2)

Let’s join our friend Maura in exploring the great highland in FarmVille Highland Trip, a Highland Adventures Chapter 2 Quests. We will explore more of this new farm expansion to see great views. Get our self ready