Isle of Dreams Quests Archive

22 Jul 2017

FarmVille Unifying Worlds (Island of Dreams CH 9)

Our friend is very thankful that she has been finally reunited with her mother and aunt Ubel in FarmVille Unifying Worlds, an Island of Dreams Chapter 9 Quests. This is one of those  special 30 day quests
9 Jul 2017

FarmVille Reunion of Sisters (Isle of Dreams CH 7)

The kids are happily back from Lily’s world in FarmVille Reunion of Sisters, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 7 Quests. Our friends reminds them of someone they used to know and we are going to need our

29 Jun 2017

FarmVille Ubel Fable (Isle of Dreams CH 6)

Lily and Nyx is missing in FarmVille Ubel Fable, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 6 Quests. We are going to help find them.  Ever since an incident happened there seems to be a trouble brewing and waiting
25 Jun 2017

FarmVille Splendid Fantasia (Isle of Dreams CH 5)

We are awed on how beautiful fantasia is in FarmVille Splendid Fantasia, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 5 Quests. We will be exploring more on this newly discovered part of the Isle of Dreams. Let’s join our
17 Jun 2017

FarmVille Kids Day Out (Isle of Dreams CH 4)

There’s a kid who gets Ubel’s bracelet in FarmVille Kids Day Out, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 4 Quests. We are going to investigate where did this kid comes  from. we also need to tell Lily about
10 Jun 2017

FarmVille Stranger’s Arrival (Isle of Dreams CH 3)

It looks like our ritual is finally working in FarmVille Stranger’s Arrival, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 3 Quests. Our friend notice that there is something strange in the air tonight. She wonders if this tirual  is
4 Jun 2017

FarmVille Redundant Rituals (Isle of Dreams CH 2)

We are going to help perform a new ritual in FarmVille Redundant Rituals, an Isle of Dreams Chapter 2 Quests. Our friend is already showing sign of giving up but her mother insists that she need to