july 2012 quest Archive

27 Jul 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 9: Take an Animal Tour of Jade Falls

Jade Falls residence Hiro will be our host in FarmVille take an animal tour of Jade Falls, the Chapter 9 of the ongoing FarmVille Jade Falls Quests series. We know him (besides from being a chef and
24 Jul 2012

FarmVille Quest: Help Discover the Summer Fairies

It’s a FarmVille summer quests again in FarmVille help discover the summer fairies this Thursday as this will be the next mission after the Inspector Sharonda Quest. The chapter title will be FarmVille Summer Fairy Search Quests

21 Jul 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 8 Quest: Put on an Opera in Jade Falls

Help Zhu in FarmVille put on an opera in Jade Falls on this week Chapter 8 of FarmVille Jade Falls Quests. Zhu is an artist and one thing he learned is that the best way to teach
18 Jul 2012

FarmVille Quest: Help Barbara get Cluck Rogers into Space

It’s a Space Quest! in FarmVille help Barbara get Cluck Rogers into space a nine part mission coming next after the Magical Ponies Quest. We will help Barbara in FarmVille Cluck Rogers: Chicken in Space Quests who
14 Jul 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 7 Quest: Help Hiro Become a Master

Jade Falls Chapter 7 Guide with FarmVille Help Hiro become a master quest. Hiro is back on this chapter as it tells that he’s becoming impatience with his training and want to speed up his progress by
10 Jul 2012

FarmVille Quest: Solve a Mystery with Inspector Sharonda

Finish with the Firefly Quest? Then get ahead and prepare for FarmVille solve a mystery with Inspector Sharonda and her sidekick in this brand new FarmVille quests. Solve the mystery surrounding the missing crops in your farm.
7 Jul 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 6 Quest: Jade Falls Cuisine

Get ready! for some FarmVille Jade Fall Cuisine in Jade Falls Chapter 6 Quest. Kaiwen who love’s cooking will be the one who we will help in preparing this tasty recipes. She will show that cooking is