Monday Quests Archive

1 May 2020

FarmVille The Wedding Invite Countdown (Bora Bora Isles CH 3)

Help our friend prepare for the wedding in FarmVille The Wedding Invite Countdown, a Bora Bora Isles Chapter 3 Quests. She need help in distributing and sending the wedding invites for the wedding. On this chapter of
26 Apr 2020

FarmVille The Wedding Cake (Bora Bora Isles CH 2)

Cindy and Jack has just welcomed us in FarmVille The Wedding Cake, a Bora Bora Isles Chapter 2 Quests. They want us to help them prepare for their upcoming wedding in this new farm  extension the Bora

14 Apr 2020

FarmVille Zula’s Final Challenge (Madagascar Trails CH 8)

Help  Zula build a fence to protect his farm from wild animals in FarmVille Zula’s Final Challenge, a Madagascar Trails Chapter 8 Quests. This maybe the final challenge he needs  to finish as he is getting ready
2 Apr 2020

FarmVille The River Bridge (Madagascar Trails CH 7)

Our friend is very happy that the craft fair was a huge success in FarmVille The River Bridge, a Madagascar Trails Chapter 7 Quests. He still need our help in buildig a bridge across the Malagasay River
26 Mar 2020

FarmVille The Malagasy Craft Fair (Madagascar Trails CH 6)

Our friends are so happy that we brought the sheep back to the farm in FarmVille The Malagasy Craft Fair, a Madagascar Trails Chapter 6 Quests. There’s another challenge that we need to face in this chapter
20 Mar 2020

FarmVille The Runaway Animals (Madagascar Trails CH 5)

Help our friend bring back the animals to the farm in FarmVille The Runaway Animals, a Madagascar Trails Chapter 5 Quests. We need to fix some troubles happening in the farm and we need to gather enough
18 Mar 2020

FarmVille The Malagasy Farm Lunch (Madagascar Trails CH 4)

Prepare to face a new challenge in FarmVille The Malagasy Farm Lunch, a Madagascar Trails Chapter 4 Quests. We will tackle this new challenge with the help from our friends,. This time, we are going to organize