Monday Quests Archive

9 Mar 2020

FarmVille The Lost Recipe Book (Madagascar Trails CH 2)

Our friend is surprised that we passed the first challenge in FarmVille The Lost Recipe Book, a Madagascar Trails Chapter 2 Quests. But she warned us that the next challenge will be more difficult. We are going
2 Mar 2020

FarmVille Seal the Deal (Harvest Valley CH 7)

Our friend has just completed decorating his stall in FarmVille Seal the Deal,  a Harvest Valley Chapter 7 Quests. He is excited to tell us that he is finally ready with the opening of his stall but

24 Feb 2020

FarmVille Festival Attraction! (Harvest Valley CH 6)

We are going to help our friend decorate their stalls in FarmVille Festival Attraction! a Harvest Valley Chapter 6 Quests. They have the best idea on how to decorate the area but still they need our help.
1 Jan 2020

FarmVille Santa’s Gifting Map (Santa’s Secret Village CH 6)

Our friend is excited because the Magic Sledge is ready in FarmVille Santa’s Gifting Map, a Santa’s Secret Village Chapter 6 Quests. Now Santa can finally leave to give the gifts. On this chapter of the Santa’s
28 Dec 2019

FarmVille The Magic Sledge (Santa’s Secret Village CH 5)

Our friend is happy that the Christmas dinner was a success in FarmVille The Magic Sledge, a Santa’s Secret Village Chapter 5 Quests. We still have a lot of things to do and we need to get
28 Nov 2019

FarmVille North Pole Escapade (Santa’s Secret Village CH 1)

Help our friend in his journey to meet Santa Claus in FarmVille North Pole Escapade, a Santa’s Secret Village Chapter 1 Quests. Join them as they venture to a world of cool adventure and exciting events. The
24 Sep 2019

FarmVille Save the Queen! (Highland Adventures CH 5)

Help our friend convince the king to let us stay in the kingdom in FarmVille Save the Queen, a Highland Adventures Chapter 5 Quests. We have many more planed adventures but it sadly will not push through