Monday Quests Archive

12 Sep 2019

FarmVille King’s Adviser (Highland Adventures CH 3)

Help our friend in this new and exciting adventure in FarmVille King’s Adviser, a Highland Adventures Chapter 3 Quests. Get ready to face new challenges as we encounter more of them in this chapter. On this chapter
9 Sep 2019

FarmVille Highland Trip! (Highland Adventures CH 2)

Let’s join our friend Maura in exploring the great highland in FarmVille Highland Trip, a Highland Adventures Chapter 2 Quests. We will explore more of this new farm expansion to see great views. Get our self ready

21 Aug 2019

FarmVille Helping Hands! (Coco Wonderland CH 7)

We are going to help our friend prepare for the kids tour in FarmVille Helping Hands!, a Coco Wonderland Chapter 7 Quests. She is getting ready for their visit bu the tasks is very pretty heavy for
19 Aug 2019

FarmVille Coco Tour Part 2 (Coco Wonderland CH 6)

Help our friend in managing this years tour in FarmVille Coco Tour Part 2, a Coco Wonderland Chapter 6 Quests. Get ready and plan the best tour our friends can have. Help him prepare in this mission.
29 Jul 2019

FarmVille Grand Feast! (Coco Wonderland CH 4)

We are going to prepare a feats in this weeks FarmVille Grand Feast, a Coco Wonderland Chapter 4 Quests. Get ready to prepare a delectable feast to our valued guest. Shop for the best ingredients and bushels
29 Jul 2019

FarmVille A Sweet Reunion (Coco Wonderland CH 3)

Help our friend prepare for the kids visits in FarmVille A Sweet Reunion, a Coco Wonderland Chapter 3 Quests. She has been preparing for the kids visit for a week now but she still needs additional help
10 Jul 2019

FarmVille The Letter (Coco Wonderland CH 1)

Our friend is excited because she has just received an invitation from her Aunt Lily to visit the Coco Wonderland in FarmVille The Letter, a Coco Wonderland Chapter 1 Quests. FarmVille Coco Wonderland is the newest farm