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27 Jan 2013

The Return of the Cupid’s Castle 2013

The FarmVille Cupid’s Castle will be making it’s return in 2013! and players can now build this buildable decorative piece as soon as FarmVille releases before Valentine’s Day. And not only the Cupid’s Castle a decorative building
26 Jan 2013

Valentine’s Day Personality 2013

A new personality feature is about to be release leading to Valentines Day in FarmVille Valentine’s Day Personality feature. Players will received a daily question to ask their friends with about on what they think the best

25 Jan 2013

Garden Amphitheater 2013

Now you can harvest coins, coconuts or jade with the new FarmVille Garden Amphitheater feature. The Garden Amphitheater is a buildable 7 stages building where you can harvest random Farmville monetary items once completed. Build the Garden
20 Jan 2013

Gilda is Helping with Crafting (Craft-Tastic feature)

You might wonder why Gilda is suddenly appearing in some of your crafting building when shopping for bushels. Well Gilda is part of FarmVille new feature Craft-Tastic! You may find her offering some bushels in the following
19 Jan 2013

Fantasy Felines Guide

Fantasy Felines have just arrived in FarmVille. This morning players started receiving this new feature in a form of a crate. Once a player clicked the crates a pop up message will appear and a “open crate”
15 Jan 2013

Mountain Shores Cove Escapade Feature 2013

FarmVille is releasing this new escapade feature the Mountain Shores Cove. This feature once release will give players the opportunity to win cool prizes for their FarmVille farm. The mechanics of this new feature is everyday there’s
8 Jan 2013

New Year Resolutions Feature 2013

Ask your friends for their opinion on what do they think your New Year Resolution is for 2013. FarmVille New Year Resolution Feature will give players a chance to win a prize just by asking their friends