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19 Jan 2014

FarmVille Enchanted Waterfall Feature

We have gathered some early image of what could be another building that will give “seeds”. As of now we may call it the FarmVille Enchanted Waterfalls. It will be a buildable decoration building and from what
18 Jan 2014

Pet Shop Sale Stand in FarmVille Farm Stand Feature

Ask your friends to help you sell your goods in the next farm stand feature FarmVille Pet Shop Sale Stand. The new version will give a new set of rewards which includes Nesting Tree, Birdkeeper Gnome, Gold

20 Dec 2013

Animal or Flora Person? in FarmVille Jungle Personality

Once the FarmVille Fields of El Dorado farm opens this January we will be having the first FarmVille Personality Test featuring the rain forest theme. Just like the previous version of this feature we will be asking